En-suite Renovations

Planning and creating your en-suite renovations: how to get the perfect result with no stress!

Everyone knows that bathroom renovations in general can be a pivotal and time sensitive job to carry out in your home, and none more so than the en-suite! Not only are bathrooms incredibly personal and intimate spaces, the en-suite is even more so, being purposely designed to be a private bathroom connected to the master bedroom of the home – an inner sanctum, if you like!

The team at Complete Shower Seal knows that you can’t mess around with en-suite renovations – the logistics and design have to be perfect for our clients, especially since they can add serious value to your home. We work hard to make sure you get your dream result, helping with planning and design through to carrying out the work as quickly as possible so you can get back to living your life. We have a long record of delivering beautiful en-suite bathrooms to clients all over the Newcastle area, as well as surrounding areas like Lake Macquarie and Central Coast regions.

Here we have put together some things to consider when navigating an en-suite remodel or renovation to get a great result and avoid potential disasters!

Making the Plan

One of the most important things to think about when starting out on a project like this, is to think about what tasks you might need to delegate to professionals, and where to get great advice.

Most of us aren’t qualified tradespeople, and we should always outsource skilled work to qualified and experienced tradies who specialise in bathroom renovation areas like tiling, plumbing, plastering and sealing. This ensures the work will be carried out quickly, safely and to a high degree of quality. Complete Shower Seal helps our clients organise all of this, with an experienced team of professionals who specialise in bathrooms.

To navigate the planning process we advise that you:

newcastle en suite bathrooms
En Suite Renovations newcastle

Time to Get Creative!

One of the greatest joys of any creative project is designing it in the first place. Remodelling or renovating an en-suite is especially fun for our clients because it is such a secret, private space and becomes a real personal haven in the home.

During this phase you get to decide on what you want to include, remove or change about your bathroom en-suite. This could be anything from choosing the tiles, style and size of shower or bath, colour scheme, functionality or fittings – the list is endless! Here at Complete Shower Seal we can meet with you at any bathroom or plumbing store to help you pick out items and design elements that work with your plan. To help in the design process we recommend that you: 

Getting to Work

Executing the work is a crucially important part of the process, and while it might be less interesting to some than the planning and design phase it is just as important! Building, renovating or remodelling an en-suite can be invasive in nature, due to its connection to the master bedroom. For that reason it’s optimal to have it completed in a matter of weeks to minimise disruption. In order the get a result that is both timely and of high quality, our strongest suggestion is that you employ the services of a company like Complete Shower Seal that are:

ensuite renovations - getting to work

Completing the Dream

Once your en-suite has been completed, it’s time to add some finishing touches. These will include small details like tap fittings, toilet seats, cupboard fixtures, towel railings and all manner of other bathroom accessories. Just like the design process, this is a really fun and satisfying way of wrapping up the project and completely enjoying your new en-suite. Complete Shower Seal can help you pick out the right finishing touches to bring your dream bathroom to life – so contact us today for an obligation-free chat about your ideas today!