Epoxy Grout

What is epoxy grout, and what are the benefits of epoxy grout compared to standard cement-based grout?

The list of products used in a bathroom and shower renovation can seem endless, and soon enough all the different terms will be melting into one another – but epoxy grout should be one name that stays with you.

Not all products are created equal, and while you will certainly pay more for a higher quality product – it is sometimes very worth the investment depending on where you’re tiling!

What is epoxy grout?

Epoxy grout is made of epoxy resins and filler powder, making it water proof without the need for sealant, as well as being highly resistant to stains and incredibly durable.

Standard grout is made from cement-based mixes, and is naturally water absorbent, which means that you must use shower sealant over the top of it to protect you shower from potential leaks.

Why choose epoxy grout?

Because of the main benefits of epoxy grout, it’s our first choice here at Complete Shower Seal – especially when it comes to high traffic areas, kitchen splashbacks and areas with light coloured tiles.

Epoxy grout will resist stains far more than your normal cement-based grout, which makes it a really great choice as a kitchen splashback – no absorbing those stains that things like oil splatter and pasta sauce can cause! It will also keep tiled walkways looking fresh, because epoxy grout is far easier to clean dirt from than normal grout.

best epoxy grout result
Why choose epoxy grout

The water proof nature of epoxy grout makes it a great two-in-one choice when you pair it with the right kind of tile, such as porcelain tiles which are mostly water proof themselves – it means you could potentially bypass using shower sealant. However, natural stone and terracotta tiles will not repel water, and choosing to use epoxy grout with them will not mean you can leave shower sealant behind. That being said, choosing to seal your shower despite the type of grout you use can only add another layer of security to your bathroom when it comes to being water proofed.

Epoxy grout is highly durable, and resists breaking down over time in the same way that standard grout does. The epoxy resins mixed into the grout withstand the rigours of cleaning, home shifting and general wear and tear far better than cement-based grout. It won’t crack, shrink or become stained.

Is epoxy grout better than normal grout?

In most ways, epoxy grout is better than standard grout but there are some solid reasons that it isn’t being used exclusively.

The first reason it might not be the best choice for someone is the sheer expense – epoxy grout can cost up to 5 times as much as standard cement-based grout. The reason for this high cost is partly due to the more expensive ingredients in the product, but it also a lot to do with how long it takes to apply it.

The second reason epoxy grout tends to only be used in targeted areas – apart from expense – is the care it takes to apply it. Epoxy grout dries very quickly and it is notoriously more difficult to apply than normal grout. This means that applying epoxy grout must be done in stages, with the tiler needing to constantly stop and clean of excess grout on the tiles before it sets.

Epoxy grout on bathroom
Epoxy grout on bathroom tiles

Because epoxy grout sets with a high sheen, having any excess grout drying on you tiles is not ideal – the imperfections will be obvious if they aren’t meticulously cleaned throughout the process.

Another side effect of the glossy nature of epoxy grout is that it can highlight any imperfections in your tiles, so for that reason pairing it with lighter coloured tiles is a wiser choice.

So while epoxy grout is considered in many ways to be better than normal grout, it is also far more expensive and difficult to apply. That doesn’t mean it should be dismissed, it’s an absolutely fantastic choice! However, it might mean adjusting your project budget, and it will definitely mean you need a professional like those at Complete Shower Seal to do it.

How to get the best epoxy grout result

We cannot stress highly enough how important it is that people do not attempt to apply epoxy grout themselves! This is a highly specialised product that even seasoned and qualified professionals can sometimes get wrong. No one wants to end up with a situation where they paid large sums of money for epoxy grout, only to waste it all with incorrect application! The difference between a DIY enthusiast getting it wrong, and a contractor making a mistake, is that most of the time any mistakes made by the contractor will be covered under the original quote. Doing it yourself means risking the full financial burden of any possible missteps.

Epoxy Grout.

The Complete Shower Seal Team

The team at Complete Shower Seal are made up of experienced and qualified tradespeople who have chosen to make bathrooms their specialty. Our company has been delivering beautiful bathrooms to their clients in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland area for over 20 years. Because we’re experts at what we do, we are far better at delivering our clients bathroom outcomes on time, in budget and to a top quality degree. We are also highly experienced in dealing with epoxy grout, and have the utmost confidence in our tilers and their ability to deliver flawless work.

Once we build a bathroom, we’re also here for our customers with ongoing support, maintenance and repairs services to keep their bathrooms looking great and functioning well. Emailing pictures through to us, or bringing them with you when you visit in-store is always helpful in speeding up the problem-solving or design process, and helps our experts pick the right products and give more accurate quotes.

No matter what your shower needs are – be it leaks, a touch up or a desire to redesign – our friendly and knowledgeable team at Complete Shower Seal will get you off to a great start, and support you all the way through. Give us a call today to get some obligation free advice, or drop into the store to have a chat.